Rebar Supply is equipped with industry leading equipment for  fabrication, using a KRB A114 Shear integrated into a fully automated  KRB Shearline producing error free cutting as well as increased  production.

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 Rebar Supply uses state of the art aSa software for rebar   detailing, production, billing, and accounting, all integrated into one   platform resulting in a seamless transition from start to finish. 

 Rebar Supply also uses KRB in it's Bending department, equipped with  KRB #11 benders the shop is capable of bending #2 bar through #11. 

 With over forty years in the construction industry our staff is familiar  with the many daily concerns customers have and will welcome the  opportunity to assist in resolving questions and concerns. Our employees  are journeymen of their profession and realize the importance of  insuring accuracy in both detailing and fabrication to provide the proper  materials for the success of your project. Our drivers are well trained in  the delivery of our product and will always make every effort to work  with your field personnel to insure your satisfaction.

 Rebar Supply is equipped with one of the best fully automatic tie   benders in the industry. Using a Schnell Prima 12, we have the   capability to bend just about any shape and size out of both #3 and #4   rebar efficiently and fast.

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